Sunday, August 21, 2011

Information on #YTMoney and its Affiliation with #TeamIWAY

What is #YTMoney?:
#YTMoney is a small Youtube Team. We are very similar to #TeamIWAY except we are not public, We don't do interviews, we focus on the teams content. In #YTMoney everyone will help each other advance content wise and branding wise.

Whats the benefits of #YTMoney?:
Being apart of #YTMoney means almost a guarantee spot in the Youtube Partnership Program. It also means you will be working with bigger and smaller Youtubers who have lots of experience. Everyone will help each other content wise, to make sure its at tip top shape!

Why is #YTMoney affiliating with #TeamIWAY?:
#TeamIWAY is a great organization that focuses on getting little Youtubes noticed on Youtube. We are kinda like a next step for many IWAY members. Think of it like taking IWAY to the next level!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Writers Block.

Writers Block. The thing people in the entertainment industry fear most. I just have my mind on so many other issues, School being one of those top ones. I hate school, absolutely HATE it. I have been filming a few videos lately, they just are not edited, but I don't wanna stop. I wanna keep filming, more...and more...and more. Problem is I feel im becoming played out. Idea wise, Im out. I can't find the motivation to script a video. My recent ones have been all Improv, and If you know me, I HATE improv, because I suck so badly at It. I don't know, give it a few days Hydro, and maybe just maybe I will fix this.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why 'HeyHydro' is gone.

Haha, Yeah its true, Im only running 2 channels now, not 3. Sadly I can say when HeyHydro got partnered, I didn't expect it, or kinda want it, but I didn't wanna turn down a partnership. So as of 8/10/2011 Im stopping work on it. The past week ive had alot of new ideas come to mind, and just started seeing things in a different perspective. I need to focus my effort onto my main channel, not my 2nd or 3rd, and I need to stop giving half effort.

Maybe later in the future HeyHydro can return.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lets Help The Children! PencilsOfPromise!

Hey guys!

So I just recently entered a event called "King Of Web" and in this people register and vote ( (You can vote 10 times a day) for people. Im currently trying to win, just to take the prize money and donate to the Pencils of Promise foundation. By donating the 5,000$ prize money, WE would of funded alot of kids educations! (10$ funds 1 month of education for a child)

Please if you have the time, register a account and vote for me 10 times a day:

Lets make a difference!