Tuesday, May 17, 2011


(Hydro Gets Censored Thumbnail)

Yes, Its true, Im officially censoring Hydro. After watching my newest video and removing it almost right after it got uploaded, I decided that its time. I have always thought of myself as down to earth, so after talking to a few of my viewers about there opinion on this, I have decided its the right decision.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"S#!ttin On The Industry" VS "Hydro" Season 2!!!

As of today I tallied up my views I have on all my shows.
These views are based off the videos still on my channel, alot of the "AskHydro" and "Hydro" season 1 videos have been removed prior to this.

Hydro Season 1: 459,809
Hydro Season 2:         38,100
AskHydro:            76,085
Shittin On The Industry:       21,512

As you can see, Season 1 is unmatched by far, followed by AskHydro and Season 2. The funny thing is, Shittin On The Industry has only 2 episodes already, and has almost as many views as Hydro Season 2! Will Shittin On The Industry become more well known than my main series? Who knows!

Also, Im about to be releasing my 4th channel! This will be my 3rd monetized channel in my "Hydro Network" I hope the show released on it can keep you guys attention! Ive been working for a while to obtain this channel and show!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Channel Cleanup / May 2011

Hey Everyone!

Long time no blog? Lol. Well ever since I got partnered around once a month I go threw my channel and do ALOT of cleanup and redesigning to make it more possessional. This time im going to tell you guys everything that will change :)

Changes In May 2011: (For TheyCallMeHydro not Hydro)

1) ALL my videos will get new thumbnails.
2) ALL my videos will get new meta data.
3) More of AskHydro videos will be deleted.

Reason for #3: Well AskHydro was a show I did just to answer questions, but I didn't really feel like I put enough work into it. So in most my channel updates I go threw and remove 1 or 2. This time MOST will be removed. I might bring the series 100% back on Hydro but im not positive.