Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I remember when the game was fun...

The past 2 months have been pretty stressful. I've had a FULL load of school work, and trying to keep up with ALL of it is a full time job itself.  I remember before I was partnered that Youtube was fun, it felt like just a really creative way to vent about my life problems. ALL my videos back then had special meanings to me, and all had a little bit of my personal problems in them. Now I feel like im having to force myself to come up with weekly concepts while doing my school work, and having to force myself to turn on the camera. The game just isn't fun anymore. Im done working for the world, Im working for me now. Im going to for the next few months upload on my own time, no schedule. Im also going to do what I want, not what would be the best for my channel, If I feel like vlogging, Im going to vlog. Untill I get the time to work, Dueces.

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