Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear, Fate. Here we meet again.

The past few videos have all been based around this character, you probably know of him as The Wild European ( Lumberjack Dave Von Snitzle Hymn ). Originally, he was going to be a random character that played in one of my videos, but after a few days I came up with a new concept to add him into. Ultimately he ended up having a Trilogy.

Lumberjack Dave Trilogy:
1) A WILD EUROPEAN APPEARS - TheyCallMeHydro Season 2011, Episode 15
2) GAY HILLBILLY'S CAUGHT ON TAPE - TheyCallMeHydro Season 2011, Episode 17
3) IN LOVING MEMORY OF: A TROLL - TheyCallMeHydro Season 2011, Episode 18

Im officially going to say, Im done with him. Im really bored of the Idea for the Wild European, He did very well within his first episode, but me and myself, and alot of my viewers found him hard to follow toward Episode 3. I didn't kill him off or anything in the final episode, but I did personally stop working on projects with him in it. I might be focusing on more serious videos, or hell maybe a new character, maybe something along the lines of 'Water Boy'? (:

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