Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lots of projects, Lots of work.

With the start of the TCMH Network, I was able to create and build lots of side projects. Alot of my new projects that have nothing to do with the Network gave me the opportunity to work with lots of amazing people like OhRandomRebecca (Co-Owner of #YTMoney), KayleighKill (One of the owners of a new project) and many other new faces. As of now my Projects and Network channels have reached 8 channels, and over 100+ Videos. I know Im expanding fast, but its actually not for obvious reasons, Im not doing it for the money, Hell #YTMoney is a non-profit organization. What Im doing this for is to keep me working and keep my mind off other matters, and to help the community grow. With School, My Channels, and My Network Channels, my days are getting really filled, and with the launch of the Coffin Nails series, my time is gonna be very limited. Im actually very excited to see how all this turns out, looking back a year ago, I had just made Partner, I had no clue I'd be where I am today, Thank you everyone, we are giving Youtube one hell of a run for its money (:

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