Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daley Announced! / True View Ads

Hello my few loyal followers; who actually read this. As of Yesterday my newest series 'Daley' has been announced. This series will be having its pilot episode in February.Unlike 'Hydro' this series has two things unique about it, One, The audience gets to choice after the first episode (pilot episode) if the show should continue, or be dropped, Second, This series will have a storyline, and be alot longer than 'Hydro' episodes.

Next thing big thats happening, is as you know some of my videos have 30 second ads, well now they have a thing called True View Ads. This means after 5 seconds, you can choice to finish watching the ad, or to skip it. I hope this helps the people who dislike watching the ad videos :)

Im Hydro and Im OUT!

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