Sunday, January 23, 2011


Holy Ape SHIT!

I made a Interactive video yesterday. First let me rewind, At about noon yesterday Roby (xxRobyCxx) called me and said him and Chris (MrTheyCallMeOxygen) were going up to clearwater to meet Matt (FunnyMeNow) and wanted me to tag along. After a few hours of driving we got there and all got to meet all face to face, and quickly started developing a video idea. Eventually the idea of a 'Interactive Video' came  into play. So after 4+ hours of filming, and editing, The video is finnaly up on each of our channels :) I hope you guys enjoyed it, it was really fun to make.

ALSO: My Papa Dro cooking skit that I have already filmed, Im going to release it in a few days (Kinda blown out on editing for a day or two xD)

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